Beethoven – Piano Sonata No.18, Op.31 No.3 – Sviatoslav Richter

The Script for Episode 2 has Seon Jae playing Beethoven’s Presto con fuoco from Sonata No.18, not the third movement of Appassionata that ultimately aired.

Video: incontrario motu

I. Allegro 0:00
II. Scherzo. Allegretto vivace 9:11
III. Menuetto, moderato e grazioso 13:48
IV. Presto con fuoco 18:22

Sviatoslav Richter
Live recording, Moscow, 10.X.1965


Dear Assistant Prosecutor-nim II

Originally published in Soompi Forum: [Drama 2014] jTBC – Secret Love Affair 밀회 by @shamrockmom, October 19, 2014.

My Spring Day–Secret Love Affair–City Hunter Mash-up story (with major credit to @ahpheng for her excellent captioned stories on the My Spring Day forum, which gave me the idea for this)

Dear Assistant Prosecutor-nim,

prosecutor nim 2 03

I feel the need to write you again today because I fear there is more corruption going on in your office than you may have known.

prosecutor nim 2 05

You see, it looks to me like Madame Han

prosecutor nim 2 09

has escaped any meaningful amount of jail time, because I see her as Bom Yi’s Mom here.

prosecutor nim 2 10

You need to check with your sunbae who handled her case to see why she got less jail time than Hye Won.

prosecutor nim 2 11

What’s worse, she has persuaded your Boss, Young Ju

prosecutor nim 2 13

To come over here and moonlight as a Doctor (who has some questionable ethics regarding disclosure of donor identity in a transplant case)

prosecutor nim 2 14

I think there’s foul play involved here, Assistant Prosecutor-nim. I’m pretty ticked off because Hye Won is still in jail,

prosecutor nim 2 12

and I am ready for Secret Love Affair 2–The World Piano Tour Edition (50 episodes of cutesy, cheesy, angst free fluff, extensions pending)

I want episode after episode of pure bliss, watching Hye Won and Seon Jae living in a rodent-free apartment with a modern bathroom, visiting exciting European destinations while Seon Jae wins awards for his piano competitions, and of course, seeing the two of them, in Seon Jae’s words, “fooling around all day”

Oh, and not that I would ever stoop to blackmail myself, heh heh, but I promise if you investigate this, I won’t tell anyone about the 3-day pass you gave Hye Won to do that photo shoot for Bazaar.

prosecutor nim 2 15

And neither will Seon Jae.

prosecutor nim 2 16

Thanks again,


How meaningless is my love?

A lot of things happened since our last chat, but I’ll just tell you about how I feel now.  In a word miserable.  My woman was insulted by a strange person, and shows scrapes and bruises on her face and hand from an unknown reason, yet there’s nothing I can do about it, then how meaningless is my love?

I see that she dropped from being a goddess to being a woman.  She has become human after all.

Not sure about that.

A Secret Love Affair Notebook